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ScriptHookVDotNet page still have new comments disabled?!?

  • ScriptHookV page has been updated for new GTA V's update and moderators have already unlocked it for comments. However, for unknown reason the page for ScriptHookDotNET still have comments section locked for new comments since back of June 13th, and moderators has NOT unlocked it at all!

  • To be honest, I'd like moderators to unlock ScriptHookVDotNet's comment section. Crosire doesn't do anything except updating it or editing its description on this site, and he says he can't release new versions for 2-3 weeks. But I contribute to ScriptHookVDotNet, and I comment on its update info and download links of beta versions. I can't do for now, though.

  • Now Jitnaught has commented on an unofficial update with his moderator permission. What a relief!

  • @65536 Wait for update, the comments lock is just to avoid annoying comments and anxious people. Stay tuned directly in Crosire releases

    ScriptHookDotNet update takes more time after ScripthookV release, be patient.

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