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How to convert car model to GTA V?

  • Hi everyone. I want to convert a car I modeled to GTA V.

    Is there somewhere a list of software that I need to do this?
    Is it possible to do this without Z-Modeler?
    What are my options?


    -Nekar Xenos-

  • @Nekar the most important thing: from which game you want to convert?
    it isnt possible without zmodeler till yet
    there are tons of videos at youtube, zmodeler forum and a lot of tutorials on this site.
    your options are searching and learning

    my video is german, but you can see it without understanding my words how to nearly import every format into gta v
    for fh3 cars you need another tool called 3dsimed

  • @TobsiCred it is a model I designed and created myself. I have it in .obj format. Thanks. German is more understandable than French for me. But it seems from the start i definitely need Z-Modeler.

  • @Nekar yes sadly zmodeler is the only program who can convert to yft. oh nice, a own model. you can import obj in zmodeler3, you need the collisions from an ingame model and the dummy nodes like seat position and so on. import a ingame car in zmodeler too. there you can see the structure and rename your parts like that

  • Thanks. I'll have to wait until Christmas for Z-Modeler...

  • @Nekar but it costs only 4,50$ per month and i think one month is enough to convert a car. my converts need a few hours to have the cars ingame. correct material settings and stuff about a week. so you can learn the program 2 weeks and convert your car in the next two weeks. but anyway, if you need help you can ask me again, whenever you start with zmodeler

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