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Is it possible to install new cars in GTA V without replacing original files?

  • So I found some really great cars, but as I know, It is only possible to install them by replacing the cars in the game, but maybe there is another way, that wouldn't replace the whole car? For people who did not understood my question, I'm not talking about how to use mods folder, I want to install the car mod, without completely removing the original car, so that both cars would spawn, for example, If i found a mod which replaces Coil Voltic with, let's say a Tesla car, is there a way to install the mod, so that i could drive Coil Voltic, and the Tesla car?

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    @Broken_Satellite search for add-on

  • So there's no other way to install a car mod without replacing the original, except if it is an add-on

  • Yeah dude those are called add ons

  • As above, add-ons do not replace any game files, simply just adding it into the game. But if you wanted both the Coil Voltic and the Tesla vehicle mod to both spawn in normal pedestrian traffic, I don't think it is possible. So in order to spawn it drive it for yourself, you would need a trainer to do so.

  • You can take a replace car and recode it as an add on. All it takes is coding work.

  • Take a single car add on. Then change what you need for your vehicle. Learn that way.

  • @FreezIn sure you can have an addon spawn natively in traffic. All you need to do is type the model name into popgroups.ymt

  • @wlupoli really? Trying that right now


    Don't do too many and/or large models (filesize) or else you're risking to get texture bugs after a short period of gameplay

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