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2 accounts, steam and pc version

  • Allright guys,

    So i recently started to use mods for gta, but i ran in to trouble (i have two gta accounts 1 for steam and one for the pc version) when i installed the mods on my pc version i ran in to trouble with my steam account to, i just wanted lspdfr and it worked.

    But when i tried going online with my steam version, it told me i tried to join wih an altered version of gta, now my question is first of all how is that? Because it is a different directory, second if i used a sd card or a usb stick and drop my pc version on it, would that help?

    Does someone has other options for me? (btw I restored my pc because reinstalling my gta steam version and deleting all the modded files didn't work so i restored my pc and now gta steam works just fine, but i'd still like to play GTA lspdfr and stuff) would my idea of usinng an sd card work?



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