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How many add ons can you put in popgroups?

  • Hi everyone, quick question. How many exact add on cars can u put in the popgroups till see a crash or serious lag in the game. I looked everywhere on this website for an answer but i found nothing thanks in advance.

  • @v8charger222 everyones game is different. It all depends on how many mods you have. How many texture mods, etc. Even your gameconfig will make the number more or less. So there is no accurate answer as most peoples answers will be different.

  • @Willief23 thanks for your answer, I'll keep that in mind.

  • @v8charger222 I honestly don't have a clue, but if I had to guess, it would be around 40-50 added cars for me. Keep in mind I still haven't downloaded the latest patch yet. Mine may be different if you have the newest version

  • @wlupoli hope i could get 40 to 50 thank you man

  • @v8charger222 be warned, while i have 40 and 50 working, you need to make sure that every single car that you have in popgroups is actually successfully installed in the game to begin with. To clarify, a few months ago, my game got all messed up and i had to reinstall. When i put the added cars back in, i installed most of the cars but forgot to add all of them. Then, i put back popgroups. The problem is was that popgroups was trying to load cars that were not actually in the game. What happened as a consequence is that after about 15mins, the entire map would revert to a very low quality LOD like LOD 4 as if I were flying really high but I actually was just standing on the ground.

  • @wlupoli whoa that's some scary stuff. I will for sure check if all the add ons are successfully installed and not missing .Thank you so much for the heads up man. Much appreciated.

  • Interesting Thread.Maybe someone can explain what happened to me once.
    I once tried to modify some Groups in the Popgroups File and I think I roughly added 10 to 12 Cars to each Group (you know,like VEH_POOR ...etc) and the Game tended to crash after roughly 5 Minutes.

  • @Chris-W. If you replace vehicles, then you don't have to add them to popgroups - doing so, means you are adding more vehicles above the vanilla. Just be wise with the replacements as some are just way too high polycount-wise. I have replaced about 25, striving to never let the polycounts go above 150-200k, while they average around 80-100k.

    My situation is likely different than yours though. First off, I have increased ped and vehicular densities FAR above vanilla state. To counter any possible issues that might arise, I went into vehicles.meta and increased the distances that these cars could spawn near each other. The other thing I did - just to play it safe - was to change modkits to a value of -1 in vehiclemodelsets. Some of these mod authors did not include tuning parts with their releases, and I heard that if they spawn with vanilla tuning parts, it could cause the game to crash. SI used to have random crashes, and now I never do.

  • @v8charger222 I am the author of the Versatile Traffic mod. I have added all DLC cars and bikes (except for the ones from the Stunt DLC as they don't look realistic in traffic) and even some addon vehicles. I see no problem with the amount of items because popgroups.ymt is just a list which the game randomly chooses a certain amount of vehicles for the variety. The number of choices value depends on the variety settings in the game but it will never spawn all of the vehicles listed in the popgroups.ymt at once.

  • @Chris-W. I think this has something to do with high poly count of some addon vehicles. The more polygons, the more memory they eat up and if the game spawns several of those HD vehicles you run into a memory allocation problem (crash).

  • Mkay,wasn´t talking about high Poly Addon Cars.I was talking about newer Cars that came with GTA DLCs or Vanilla Cars i thought would make sense in other Areas of the Map to.
    I actually don`t use any real Addon Cars.The only Addon Cars i use are the ones from IV Pack.
    I always thought the Game just can´t handle an infinite Pool of Cars in every Group because adding 4 to 5 other Cars to a Vehicle Group worked just fine but when i added around 10 or more Cars to a Vehicle Group (like for example adding the Cars from both Lowrider DLCs to the VEH_POOR Group) usually the Game would crash sooner or later when i entered the Area assigned to VEH_POOR (the Gang Areas in Davis etc.)
    Of course it could also be my Computer,it´s not really a fast Rig (4x3,2 GHz, 8GB RAM and 3 GB Nvidia GTX GPU)

  • @Cyron43 thanks thats helpful information.

  • @Chris-W. Here is my actual popgroups.ymt for comparison. It runs like a charm even though my PC specs are pretty low.

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