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Addon Vehicle Question

  • I already know how to install an addon vehicle, but what I don't understand is when and how the game reaches it limit of addon cars. I've read that the game thinks of our addon cars as new dlc content basically, but I've also read that the GTA only has a limited amount of new dlc that its allowed to read and open inside the game. So how is it there are people with multiple hundreds of addon vehicles?

    I saw something about downloading a modded gameconfig file but files inside and instructions make no sense (https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/gta-5-gameconfig-300-cars).

    "The config is compatible with IVpack,World of Variety,Kizakudo's bikes add-on Compilation Pack,Single Player Apartment,Single Player Garage,Yatch Deluxe,Premium Deluxe Motorsport Dealership,Benny Motorworks,Open all Interior,L.A. Roads etc (i use them but you can use with other mods too)"

    What I dont understand is if addon vehicles are essentially their own dlc folder in the dlcpacks folder, what is all this nonsense about it being compatible with IVpack, World of Variety, Kizakudo's bikes... etc. What if I just want to install a single addon vehicles like one (or more) of skylineGTRfreak's military trucks or something. If someone who is more familiar with addon cars can explain it better I would appreciate it, thank you.

  • @TheEagles1977 As Far as I know I think there is no limit per se but the Limit would be the modkit ids for tuning. I always have a lot of addons installed and Usually works fine. Also cars without tuning can just use 0_modkit or something like that. But that doesn't stop you from loading those, just from tuning them. The Limit is probably just how many your PC is able to load. But I'm not 100% sure about that. From my experience I never had really reached any limits with addons.


    I've seen @Reyser or @Willief23 say, don't go over 100+ separate dlc's and keep them under approx 3,9GB per dlc.

    I wouldn't know. I have a total of 42 dlc's (excluding R* dlc's) and my largest is currently 1,7GB. All is well.


    @ReNNie My max of DLC folders was 86 (including Rockstar DLC's), that's why you still hadn't a crash about it, you've still didn't reach 86 DLC folders.

    I recommend to keep dlc.rpf files size between 2.7GB and 3.5GB (they must contains all their rpf files defragmented, included the main one to get the exact size of the DLC folder).

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