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Fixing handling.meta before Quinjet release, however..

  • Hoping to get this one out for release today (I know i have said for past 2 days o_O)

    However my issue is whenever I try to take off (hover) or fly, it will rotate to the left and makes the quinjet un-flyable, even flipping in the air!

    I've had to change the centremass in the handling.meta file but not sure if this is right as everything was set as
    X 0,0 Y 0,0 X 0,0 before so this tell me the weight is already balanced?

    I think its a error i made in zmodeler, what i have no idea?

    I have tested with the dlc @Elope made for me and also another addon which i replaced the vehicle with the quinjet, both with different handling, same result. (literally acts like there is half tonne weight on left side of ship..)

    Please, for the love of Christ, someone help me! I think I pretty much sat around all day yesterday trying to fix this so if someone can identify what I am/have done wrong I will really consider getting a sex change to have your kids..

    Many thanks!

  • - FIXED -

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