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Tuning vehicle lights

  • Does anyone know if it is possible to replace headlight_l and headlight_r using a tunable part?
    Cause i manage to replace the meshes in LCS but they don't swtich on.

  • it's because of the "turnoffbones" in the carcols.meta, but i need it to remove the ones in the vehicle


    @Neos7 select the lights tuning parts with polygons detaches them than rename it as extralight_1 if they are too many make it as two part like extralight_1 and extralight_2 rest the axis in center and move it little back behind the lights than select them again with polygons make a new material with lightsemmissive shader drag and drop the material in scene selection if they look bit weird in texture try to re-map it again ok now select only extralight_1 with polygons go to propreties external ID type 14 as lights id same thing with extralight_2 but with 15 in lights ID if everything set up as i told you, it will work as charme

  • but the extralight_1 are linked to brights lights not normal headlights, right?

  • Yep, game reads them as a high beam lights.

  • so it's just a workaround, any other tip?

  • @Neos7 No, i came to the conclusion after many hours of edition:
    The game dont want you to replace the headlight. That all

    But for extralight it work... R* and their logic...

  • thanks, @baba0rum can you login on discord i want to show you one thing

  • @Neos7 But it's you from fivereborn ? If you need help just post here, this will help others people.

  • I need help finding the spot for the axe of the light_cover

  • @Neos7 first of, if they need to go down > upside you need to rotate it by 180°, then move it around the center of the car until you find the correct height. But you need first to have the light cover on your bonnet attached so they do not move, then the light_cover that move under the bonnet / bumpers of anywhere you want. It's just a move / rotate gam, nothing very hard (until you need to rotate the lights to get the 100% good final height and angle

  • @Neos7 - Can't really contribute anything here, except to remind you that almost everything in modding is a workaround on some level, so having to make your 'mod' or 'modded' content exploit the framework that exists (or mod framework, if it relies on modded content as some does as a basis).

    So having to break your light rig into sections that the existing game-engine is configured to handle, being slaved to that framework, kinda is unavoidable territory unless you can think of a complete override that redirects the data requests and handling externally to a less restrictive 'framework'...

    We're all in the same boat, when it comes to modded content creation - not that you'd believe it to hear some of the 'mod gods' and their fans.

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