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Modded version of the game doesn't work but vanilla works.

  • Whenever I try to play with ASILoader off (a.k.a. vanilla) the game works perfectly with no issues. Then when I turn it on the game crashed mid loading screen. It worked yesterday, but after I installed a bunch of mods it stopped.

    I tried:
    playing without the scripts folder
    playing without the mods folder (update.rpf, update folder, x64, dlcpacks folder. etc...)
    reinstalling scripthookv and scripthookvdotnet

    Is there a way to see what's making the game crash?
    I know verifying the game won't do anything because it launches normally without mods.

    It's a mod that I have that makes it crash.

    I can send photos of my game folder if needed.

  • Banned

    try thr new gameconfig

  • @Akram Nope, doesn't work

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