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[SCRIPT][RELEASED] AddonPeds.ASI & PedSelector

  • [AddonPeds.ASI & PedSelector 1.0]

    Download Link to the Script GTA5-Mods

    No more PED replacements!
    Now you can add CUSTOM PEDS to you GTA V game without replace!

    AddonPeds.ASI and Ped Selector is a mod/script that allows you to add new ped models to your game without replace any file.

    Just tried to create something similar to GTA San Andreas' Skin Selector!
    I spent 2 days in the research of how to do this to work properly. Unfortunately this is not compatible with MODS folder method.

    I need a feedack to improve more this script. Hope you guys like it!
    Everything is documented, installation, how to add custom peds, compatibility...

    Last version of Scripthook
    Last version of ScripthookVDotNet
    Last version of NativeUI

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

    Some PED Models compatible with AddonPeds and Ped Selector
    Quechus13's Daredevil (Netflix)
    Yabatou1985's Batman
    Quechus13's Superman
    JotaPXModz's Stormtrooper
    JotaPXModz's Laracroft
    JotaPXModz's Scorpion
    JotaPXModz's Catwoman

    Leo "Meth0d" - Main Developer (http://meth0d.net) (http://gtadev.org)

  • @Meth0d Cool mod

  • @Meth0d Cool thats awesome!

  • You can help me with script?
    I want create script but i need help

  • @Meth0d At some point, would you be willing to share some information about RPF files please? While I am doing my OnFoot camera mod, and helping others with bits and bobs, I keep thinking about writing a tool to assist converting Replace vehicles to Addon. But it needs the ability to either edit or create RPF files. I was looking through the documentation on RPF files on the GTA wiki but I'm not convinced that it's correct. Documentation is really scarce, so I have been unable to find anything to work with.

    I fully understand if you don't want to do this and I completely respect your right to keep a grip on your information. I just thought I would ask on the off-chance.

    I was originally hoping that the OpenIV team might have had a library to use as a project reference but it seems the language they have written OpenIV in doesn't lend itself to library distribution.

    Edit: Having just downloaded and run the mod, I see this was a bit of a misplaced question. I saw the REBUILD option and thought it was rebuilding the RPF... but it's rebuilding your data files isn't it? Sorry about that. :blush:

  • I've changing my character using the ped selector successfully, now want to get back into my original character (michael, franklin, or trevor), how can i do that? Thanks(:

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