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Joslin Reyes and Poppy peds ready to go

  • I have these beautiful Joslin Reyes and Poppy that is already rigged and everything else as well I have the files I was wondering if anyone would be willing to make it a addon/replace ped for free I have all the files I have the .obj and MTL files as well please let me know thanks 0_1498509865313_Preview SHD - Copy.png0_1498512662827_prev2.png

  • all I need is them to be able to put in the game everything else is ready to go and already fully everything they just need to be put in and I don't know how to do that and if I try I screw things up even worse and I'm not a good modder at all even if I tried

  • no takers?

  • well dang I mean everything is ready for them to be put in the game I just need someone who would be willing to do it ?

  • @TR71777 Doesn't seem like it. Get used to originality being a big no-no here.

    See, unless your character's a ring-fighter steroid monkey your character idea would have no chance here.

  • @krashadam wow that's just not fair at all bro come on why the hate for something asked for I mean I didn't go overboard with it and why is it asking for this a big no no here? I guess everyone is so hard up on super hero's and super man and iron man and anime no one wants to at least try to make the ped selection more diverse? I mean dang everything is all there already made and built its just needs to be put into the game how hard can that be I mean I wish I knew how but I suck at it and trust me I would fail badly trying to.

  • @TR71777 im sure someone will do it you just need to give it more then 8 hours. If i knew how to rig peds and convert peds id help you out. Ask Maestre he might help you.

  • @Willief23 everything is fully rigged and everything else I just need someone to put them in the game and what not I got all the files on dropbox waiting to send to that person

  • @TR71777 i think from what i remember you use all the files of the ped that you originally used to rig your model. so if you used bankman ped you would use all the files that bankman has.

  • @Willief23 but I never did anything at all I got her fully rigged and everything else I just don't know how to put her in the game and if I do try to I know ill just mess up badly

  • @TR71777 That's not what I meant. My point was that it's hard to find mods such as this here because everybody else wants a big muscular wrestler like John Cena as a mod. Trust me. My problem is I can't find any everyday 90s or 80s cars/people, and I can't even find that. Why? Because everybody wanted modern super cars and luxury cars and celebs instead. My comment is not hate, and I didn't intend for it to be.

    I notice repeat mods (mostly BMWs and Mercedes get repeat uploaded.) a lot, but this kinda matches the current luxury class in LA. Looks high quality, too. I think this is rather original. This looks like a rich type of citizen.

    Sorry if my comment did seem rude. It's shitty typing in mobile, I get lazy with it. :s

  • @krashadam its ok I'm not mad I just don't get why no one wants to put two sext black females in the ped section I mean the ped section needs to be more diverse than just super hero's and iron man's and super man's that's all I am saying though its like they are afraid of something different I bet you 99 out of a 100 that these two will get a ton of downloads and likes if someone would put them in the game.

  • @TR71777 you're bumping the thread every hour or so... give it some time, lol.

  • @TR71777 You have legitimately looked at the entirety of the peds section?

    And yes I do agree this could actually get you a shit-ton of views and downloads. It's actually the first time I've seen a standard human design here.

  • @TR71777 you didn't even give anyone time to look at your post...

  • @TR71777 2nd one looks good;) might put her in Franks new house:D I would do it if I knew how to convert peds

  • @krashadam there aren't any peds of this type or barely any black peds anyway..

  • @krashadam and exactl why i told him to post it here

  • @WuTangModz That's why I called this mod ORIGINAL. I wasn't criticizing anything, other than the fact we always have steroid monkeys for playermodels.

    Have you seen the peds list in the previous 2 days? I've noticed a constant uproar of military and WWE2K17 playermodels, not to mention, Netflix stuff too. Frankly, it's gotten boring and unoriginal (hell, upon further inspection of some of the mods, (not **EVERY Netflix, or WWE based mod, but a fair majority), I've come to noticing sometimes their rigging/quality is sometimes rather poor.

    Either the models are given spaghetti limbs, they lack facial features, lack proper texturing (this problem occurs more), and also failure to optimize for animations.

    Maybe I'm wrong, yeah, you could be right, but my point is TR7's mod was straight up honest with itself. It shown the model in a wonderfully rendered style, as well as unique amounts of texturing, and stand-out high quality.

    Oh, and did I mention, facial features? (The eyes are looking towards the camera. I mean, not that that matters, but it show the guy actually got some shit right, unlike some models... (of course, there's still yet to see it in game, and I'm kind of interested.

  • @krashadam lol G I didn't say you was criticizing tf

  • @WuTangModz Sorry, it's just that you didn't point to any of my posts and I didn't know which one you were replying to. :s

  • Poppy from Watch dogs :P there should be a topless version in the files too (just saying)

  • @HeySlickThatsMe her dress comes right off lol I looked at the files for him

  • well like @WuTangModz said he looked at them for me and they are all ready to go to be put in the game they are already fully rigged and then some all we need now is someone who can put them in the game

  • @TR71777 People is confused about models convertions. If any model is already rigged, that is destroyed in the convertion process to GTA V.

    GTA V handles different skeletons for every animated model in game, including peds, so, the skeleton works in same way that our human skeleton (the model is attached to bones imitating the way that flesh is on our skeleton), but to change a skeleton from a game to other, or, from any app like DAZ to a game is not possible cause each one handle different skeleton shapes, structure, bone names, bone IDs, dimentions, quantity of bones, etc.
    For those reassons, the original skeleton is destroyed to be transfered the new model to a GTA V ped, taking its skeleton to work fine in game.
    If a different skeleton is used in a ped, the game crashes because can't read the new skeleton and can't fit the interpolation of every GTA V animation because also were builded with the GTA V skeleton. Also happens even with GTA IV peds, can't be imported directly in GTA V cause they uses different skeleton and is destroyed in the convertion process.

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