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New on mods + trouble installing Scripthook , Trainer , Ambiance

  • I just bought the game so i don't know if i am installing it properly. I need a simple explanation as much as possible.

    I followed 2 years old youtube vids about installing OpenIV and mod essentials. But i can't get them to work (Like i pressed F4 F9 for Trainer / Ambiance yet it doesn't show any menu on singleplayer)

    Mods i want it to get working and tools i used so far.
    -Ambiance 1.1
    -Script Hook V + Native Trainer 1.0.1103.2
    -Open IV 2.9

    I also am curious. Are those mods on the list works in the Director mod as well? In case that you want to use it with your GTA online character.

  • I forgot to explain how i got mods installed.
    I put the Scripthook, Trainer and Ambiance files into my in game root folders. I used the OpenIV 2.9 ASI loader.

  • @KineS If you have a pirated copy, these things WON'T work. You need to ensure the following -

    1.) that your version of scripthookv matches the version of the game, i.e, if you allowed last R* update, then you are using latest scripthookv.

    2.) For scripthook to work, you also need dinput8.dll - double check your root directory to ensure it is in there (it came in the zip file for scripthookv)

    3.) I saw no mention of scripthookvdotnet, which you would need to load any scripts, such as ambiance1.1

    4.) In the root directory, you would need to create a new folder, naming it scripts, in all lower case letters. This is where script mods such as ambiance1.1 would go.

    The first time scripthookv and vdot net loads sucessfully, they will create log files in the root directory. If no log files are present, then it means you do not have all the latest Microsoft Visual C++ redistributables.

  • If i ensured that dinput8.dll and scripthook installed in my steam game roots folder.

    What version of Microsoft Visual C++ redistributables. Will do?

    And how do you make sure that scripthookvdotnet net loads for the first time?

  • @KineS hay bastantes te recomiendo reinstalarlo todo viendo los requisitos por que en cada mod que descargar te salen al costado seguramente saldrá el Microsoft Visual Restribte C +++
    Requerido espero que sirva de ayuda

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