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Do I have too many mods installed?

  • Everytime I launch GTA V SP, after the loading screen it just crashes.

    I've made a backup of my mods folder and uninstalled the game. Re-installed the game and started it without any mods and it worked. After that, the only thing I did was move the mods folder back in and it started crashing again.

    So this makes me think there's a problem with my mods folder.
    Do I have too many mods installed? How can I better troubleshoot this to find the issue?

    This is how my current mods folder looks.

    alt text

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Curtis7E @eshenk those are just car addon folders by looking at the names of the folders. Sometimes a new game update will break mods even after scripthookv is updated. Some mods like scripts etc need to updated with new offsets. Also if you just updated to 1103 the gunrunning update then any mod of skylinegtrfreak his military,plane etc that use custom weapon.meta files will not work with gunrunning dlc. You will have to disable those dlc vehicles then the game will work again.

    Edit also when you just update your game version you will need to copy over the new update.rpf as using the old one wont work with new game versions.

  • @Willief23 Oh man, do I now feel like a dummy, LOL. I guess the guy only cares about add-ons, and no other modding. I still am operating on 944.1 with any issues at all. What's strange to me, is that I am using newer scripts than the version of scripthookv that was built for 944.1, and they work!

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