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Are the Car-Mods just reskins of the Ingame Cars?

  • Hi i just wanted to know if the Car-Mods on this Website are Reskins of the Ingame-Cars so i can also use them in Online. Are those Reskins or new Cars added to the Game just for Singleplayer?

  • @Dauven car mods in the Vehicles category are replacement or add-on vehicles. Replacement, as the name implies, replace an existing in-game vehicle. Add-on vehicles are brand new vehicles added to the game, much like official DLC vehicles.

    car mods in the Paint Jobs category are reskins of either in-game vehicles or add-on/replacement vehicles.

    All mods on this website are for Singleplayer only. We do not condone using mods online, so please keep that in mind in the future. Thank you.

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