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Recommended/ Favorite Mods

  • Hello modders,

    I have been on this website modding my game for quite some time, not to much publishing but i have done a lot of downloading and playing with mods. I thought it was odd that there wasn't a thread (or one that i have seen) where fellow modders could discuss and share our personal favorite mods. For me, my favorite mod for me is going to be Vans123 mod the Koenigsegg Agera R and the One:1. I am a car freak in real life and the Agera R is my all time favorite car followed by the Pagani Huayra Roadster (sadly there isnt one here yet). Other than that i have a few other mods which i really enjoy in no particular order

    Enhanced Native Trainer
    DLC cars spawn in traffic
    Open all interiors
    LeFix Speedometer
    Bennys garage in SP
    Lively World

    There are a ton of car mods i love to like GTAVKorns Lamborghini Centenario and the roadster but I didn't want to just have all car mods on this list. So what are your favorite mods? what do you recommend for me or others?

    Thank you for reading and I look forward to reading your responses!

    -Lil Tuggle

  • @liltuggle I am a different kind of gamer than you - I use none of the mods that you are using.

    I highly recommend the following -

    The Heavy Service mod - it allows you to call to call Lester from your cell, and have him deliver to you a helicopter, a backup helicopter, ammo crate, insurgent, etc - it's a must-have, especially when not using trainers, which I don't.

    RDE - without this, my GTAV experience would really be lacking

    Flash script - the carnage you can create, never get's old - should be used with a mod that increases ped and traffic densities, else there would hardly be much mayhem to create, LOL. I have my own modified gameconfig and popcycle that pushes the densities through the roof.

    Mele Riot mod - loads of fun, especially when used with RDE

    Simple foot controls - an absolute must - allows you to run in first person, just as you can in 3rd person - very nice

    Tunable home radio

    Automatic slow mo - makes everything in slowmo, when hailing bullets or rocket launchers, mini-gun etc, into crowds

    brake lights - gives vehicles brake lights when coming to a stop

    Ambient FX

    Single Player Apartments - impossible to live without it IMHO

    Preferred Radio - allows you to set default channel, so it always plays that music instead of random vanilla channels

    Then there are the billboard mods - for this, I have handpicked the best by reviewing each individual texture between every mod author who has ever made such mods - there are about a dozen out there.

    Obviously my real-life texture mods

    Real California Architecture - is there someone who actually does NOT use this, LOL.

    DamnedEnhancer Graphics - best graphic enhancer I have ever tried. Best used with gamma set to where you can barely see the R

    Real HD Badges, Normal Maps, Textures, Lights & Plates

    All of @mati36 mods - 4K Effects Enhanced 1.2, HD Visual Graphics© 1.4, HD vehshare (2K Car Textures), and Enhanced Water 4k © 1.1

    Countless many other's...

  • @eshenk holy shit! I really gotta do a better job looking for mods lol. u have shown me up haha! i have tried to install RDE but it just crashes my game every time I try to load it up so i gave up trying to fix it. I have a few others that you have as well but i just couldnt remember them.

  • @liltuggle I could help you getting things set up right, just hit me up in a private chat, and we will get things moving. Please leave your PC specs here, windows version, ram, CPU, and graphic card.

  • @eshenk sure. my PC specs are Intel Core I7, GeForce GTX 1060 6GB, 12GB Ram and Windows 10

  • VAutodrive
    Versatile Traffic
    sjaak327's simple trainer

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