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I am thinking of a team of texture modders...

  • I want to do a lot, but it takes up so much time, and the game-space is just SO big. Right now, I am building a library of textures categorized by type, i.e., environment, building structures, flooring, wood panels, windows, bricks, pavements, cement, etc.

    Just as important, I also need to build a library for real-life advertisements, posters, credit cards welcome signs on business doors, real-life names of building and other structures that do not require remodelling - that is @Vlad territory, LOL.

    If we had a team, we could decide who will do what, and share assets when/if needed. We could use this site's private chat at any time, and decide what we want to do, so that no two people are ever working on the same thing. Please weigh in, and lemme know your thoughts/interests, or better ideas, etc.

  • I'm always looking for new projects. Count me in on this. @eshenk

  • @xXGARRAPPAXx I will PM you soon, with ideas. I live in the US, on EST, and work Wednesday through Sunday 10 pm to 7am BTW. There are a couple resources I want to share with you later. Anyhow, good night, LOL.

  • @Vlad I love you. You Russians so totally do it for me. Every Russian immigrant I have ever met here in the States have been totally effing awesome, and you are just like all the other's I have ever met.

    If you ever need help on anything, lemme know. BTW, did I tell you I am an admiring fan of yours, LOL.

  • Also in the US. Rhode Island@eshenk


    @eshenk sounds cool

  • This post is deleted!

  • @eshenk If I have free time hell yea but I'm not gonna lie I can probably only work on 1-2 set of ads and posters and etc and I'm most likely gonna have to pull out , pause, from the group cuz ill be too busy

  • I am currently replacing shit ton of Grass , dirt and asphalt + also vegetation (including new models) so i can join

  • @HeySlickThatsMe and I just uploaded a sex shop so I guess I already technically joined lmao

  • @eshenk I can help with textures in photoshop if you need.

  • @eshenk Same here, I can also help with textures in photoshop, since I have 3 months of spare time to waste.

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