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[SCRIPT] Taxi missions in any vehicle

  • Hey guys. I need a script that makes possible to do taxi missions in any vehicle, or just in a Police Rancher (policeold1). Please. Thanks.

  • Just start the mission in your normal taxi.
    then once the passenger is in the back of your car, you have to use a trainer to spawn a new vehicle which you shall immediatly spawn in. The passenger shall spawn with you in the back. This way you could transport your VIP's in a luxury mercedes, BMW, audi or an rusty old camper. Anyway, it is possible but no that easy.
    An other way to do it is just replace the taxi vehicle files in your game data. Once you have done that, the new vehicle should spawn instead of the taxi. This way all the taxi's are the new vehicles....

  • I'm going to bump this topic because the provided answer is not a solution. I'd like to have a mod that allows me to start taxi missions in any vehicle. There is one mod on the site but it isn't working.

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