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Can't install Redux Mod

  • Hello
    i recently bought GTA 5 on PC again so i can enjoy some of the awesome graphic mods (i have the Steam version), and one of the reasons i bought it again (i already own it on PS4) was so that i could play the Redux Mod.
    Now here is my problem i just can't get it to install properly ! :(
    I have tried it at least 5 times now reinstalled the game fresh (70gb download with my peasant internet takes about 1 day, thank god i have a backup now)
    I followed every instruction on how to install this mod 1 to 1 but it just keeps crashing when i load the game: here is what happens usually:
    After i have installed the Redux Mod via the OpenIV and also copied the reshade options i only get the ENB notifications (the white letters in the Rockstar launcher and when the 5 stars appear in the intro video) but everything is the same, when i launch the game (no special redux screens appear). When i click play singleplayer (i haven't testet the multiplayer because 1. i don't care about GTA online and 2. i don't want to get banned for using a modded version of the game) the game keeps loading and then after the 3 screen it suddenly crashes without an error message (GTA 5 has stopped working) Sometimes the Game even launches despite Redux being installed but nothing at all has changed (no enb active despite it showing up in the rockstar launcher and no adds and textures have changed).
    I am getting frustrated now, does anyone have an idea how to fix this ?
    (sorry for bad english)

  • Ok guys i thing i found the reason why it's not working, redux seems to need an update since the latest patch so everyone has this issue. We need to wait until an update version of redux is released ;(

  • I'm pretty happy if it doesn't support the latest version.
    Stolen pile of :poop:

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