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Game crashed when i press F close to a vehicle

  • my game crash when i press F near a vehicle..
    latest game version on steam.

    btw, i replace the dlclist.xmf and gameconfig.xmf extratitleupdatedata.meta for my addon stuff make my game crash when it loading..
    so i use the original file instead.. but it crash when i try to get in a vehicle
    no error info. just stop working..
    helpppppppp~ pls.

  • @Edison12 you have to replace the dlclist.xml when using a car addon. Extratitleupdatedata is the part you dont need so keep that file original. No mod on here will ever need that extratitleupdatedata file changed. You only update the dlclist.xml. And once you add too many addon folders you will have to use a good gameconfig.

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