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[vehicle] Mercedes benz unimog emergency edition

  • Well hello everyone!

    I must say, the Mercedes-Benz Unimog u4000 has always been a pleasure to see driving around.
    But why shouldn't we have that pleasure in Grand Theft Auto 5?

    I found a great model but I don't have the money. Neither do I have the skills.

    That model looks great from the ways I can judge.

    I hope someone feels the same way about this vehicle and that that person could maybe convert it.
    I really like the german army hospital livery but not as much as I like the KNRM (dutch coastguard) livery

    Thanks in advance!

  • @patrickprof i can purchase and make it for gta 5 as i like it too. but i would need 50% partnership in the price. i won't pay 100$ for the model. i can however pay like 45- 50 $. if u can get the funds its easy . or else well it's up to the community.

  • I would love to help pay for this but since I don't really have any money (my monthly salary goes directly to my savings) because my parents are managing it for the following years till I graduate....

  • @patrickprof no worries

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