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Weird issue with peds

  • Hello,
    I already got this problem, well, I have it every time I convert a part for a ped !
    This is weird, the pert (here it's a vest) looks good at the begining, that after it's start shinning, just like it is raining !

    alt text
    alt text

    And also I got a weird texture when I look up with the camera

    alt text

    Anyone got a fix to this problem ?
    Thanks !

  • @Baud0412
    Zmodeler3: Paint all vertexes secondary alpha color channel as black (RGB: 0, 0, 0)
    3dsMax + GIMS EVO: Paint all vertexes alpha color channel as red (RGB: 255, 0, 0)

  • @Rarefacer Thank you very much, it fixed the first problem, but not the second one ^^
    Do you have an idea of wich channel can be responsible of this weird texture ?

  • @Baud0412
    The specular map colors generates different patterns on the model. For references, see GTA V peds and their specular colors to paint same colors in your specular maps. Example: a Black and dark gray colors in specular map, generate a hard tissue like wool (exact as your picture).

  • @Rarefacer Thanks you again ! Now my model is working fine !!!
    Thanks you very much !!!

  • Hi how do tu adpat the vest in the ped?

    please help me

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