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Where did BrasileiroTop mods go?

  • https://www.gta5-mods.com/users/BrasileiroTop

    Why were they removed? he had a nice tying pedestrians mod and a few others

  • A guy who calls himself 'BrasileiroTop' is already a problem, but I'll skip that part.
    First of all, this person doesn't have any activity on this forum, nor on gtaforums.com

    Then he comes out of nowhere and uploads a few mods, great. After a deep look into those "mods", it seems he enjoys hiding his source code more than escaping taxes with offshore accounts in Panama.

    He actually used a cracked version of Agile.NET (which is a PAID obfuscator) - unless you are able to prove me how a lambda brazlian citizen is able to pay $1000 for such software - and of course, his 'Tying Ped' mod seemed inspired, even too much inspired from a former @jedijosh920 's mod (Lasso mod). When I compared the disassembled code, it was at least 80% the same, same procedure calls, same registers, obvious copy-paste.

    Now, there are a few interesting questions :

    • How come does a noname upload mods without any former activity?
    • How come does he protect his source codes with a strong obfuscator and EXPENSIVE one?
    • Why would he protect his source code, knowing that he "inspires" his work from other authors?
    • Why did he provide such a harsh task to mods (decompilling that shit and re-assembling code is annoying as f*)?
    • Was there any malware behind it? :)
    • Who are you (0 post account, 0 comments, nothing), and why do you suddenly care about that user, knowing that you have already downloaded his mods, it wouldn't make much sense for you to come here and ask such questions...

  • thanks for the reply , the main reasons why im curious is because

    • i had my eye on the mod, but since i was busy most of the week i didn't get to play gta i didn't bother downloading it at the time.

    • if there was malware involved, shouldn't the warning be spread to more users that may have possibly downloaded it instead of being silent about it?

    • it's great that you know alot of stuff about and bothered to disassemble the code to compare it , but is the toxicity towards me really needed? his mods aren't hosted anywhere else and are removed here, so i'd assume that this is the best place to look for info regarding it..

  • @stos Sorry if I sounded toxic. Sometimes I have bad days, and when that happens I get really angry.
    Well then let's just wait an official response from the moderation team.

  • @stos @xquist Brasilerio deleted his mods because english speaking members were being rude about the language (Portuguese) his scripts were in not any of that other shit you talking about .. he just posted that in the forums

  • @xquist @stos BrasileiroTop about 2 hours ago

    "I deleted because there are English members who were saying that those who do not speak English is not normal ... so I will not post my scripts on this site because there are some little things that have no respect with people from other countries, I am not obliged to change My language just to please others, they think it's easy to create mod, I lost hours / days creating mine and I was doing it for free because I love creating, I decided to post all and there were still other creations that were already ready that I would post Also, after I saw the rude comment I decided to stop posting and delete the ones that were already posted, I will not stop creating ... I am still working on the script (Tying pedestrians) and it is getting perfect For kidnappings, I put many legal functions ... finally thanks for accepting my posts and having patience for the changes and updates I've been doing, the site is very good but should have option of the creator So that comments on your post is turned off."

  • I agree with brasileiroTop though alot of people are just plain up nasty or spoiled little brats. As a mod author you should be able to be given the option to delete or hide comments once a moderator has approved it to be hidden or deleted. Some mod authors would take advantage of being able to delete comments so they should have to be approved by moderators to be deleted.


    @Willief23 Report the comments, saying the reason why you want them deleted, and we'll look into them.

  • @xquist

    1° You must be traumatized by something or you must be sick to the head
    2° Why do you care so much about source codes than what the script offers you?
    3° You taught that no Brazilian lends or that we are made from the mizeria that we live in the trash
    4° I wanted to see my work so much, see the methods I'm using http://i.imgur.com/zZxwz2g.jpg
    5° The agile I am using is free version, I have decided to download to test the protection that offers me against people like you
    [ ! ] If none of these answers served you, then you have serious mental problems and envy because you can not be useful in something that only knows how to make lies, lying more than the devil [ ! ]


    (5) Protection against people finding out you used code from another user's mod?

  • @Jitnaught Probably protection from people stealing his code. I can't blame him, stealing code is pretty common.


    @AHK1221 He messaged me and said that is the reason.
    I had previously rejected one of his mods because it was found out that he used a class from another mod. Soon after that he protected all of his mods. That's the reason I said that, because that's the way it looked from the outside.

  • @xquist Just want to say, you are a complete asshole and you should not be a part of this community. You have 0 evidence that he stole jedi's code. The base functionality IS going to be the same, because, well, both mods use the same platform for creating this functionality, the platform being the natives.

    You also accused @Cyron43 for some shit as well, all in all, you should not be on this community. You haven't coded anything and yet you act like you know everything.

    He also has other cool mods (or had), like that explosive shit mod xD

    You can see his reply about the questions you have.

  • @xquist said in Where did BrasileiroTop mods go?:

    He actually used a cracked version of Agile.NET (which is a PAID obfuscator) - unless you are able to prove me how a lambda brazlian citizen is able to pay $1000 for such software - and of course~

    What the hell do you even mean by that ? i take offense on that xenophobic slur, like many in this site didnt use the cracked version of the program used to mod ped and vehicles untill they released the online check version, and that site is sketchy at best.

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