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[TUTORIAL] How to ask for help

  • Since a lot of people DON'T SEEM TO GET the meaning of FREEDOM AND SPARE TIME here's a short guide on how to ask properly for help and make everyone happy :juggling: :kiwi: :four_leaf_clover:

    Got a problem? Who doesn't have one... we live in a world of problems :runner_tone5: :fire:

    1. :information_source: Use a tag to draw better attention and to also make it simplier to identify the kind of problem

    • [SCRIPT] for scripts related problems
    • [VEHICLE] for vehicle mods
    • [CRASH] for crashing issues
    • :warning: NEVER USE [HELP]

    2. :no_entry_sign: Do you know kill factors? Here's a few of them

    • PLZ HELP
    • help me pls thx
    • ?????
    • not work pls help
    • help me please
    • BUMP
    • UP

    Yes Sherlock, we KNOW you have a problem, otherwise, you wouldn't be posting in the HELP category, right?

    3. :star: Describing your problem in a professional way

    Have you ever called a hotline and told two words only on the phone to describe your problem and expected help at the same moment? Nobody would dare...

    Think of the situation :

    • What is the general problem?
    • What have you tried so far?
    • What are the installed components (mods, programs, tools, etc.)?
    • When was it the last time it worked?
    • Use correct grammar and full sentences, don't use SMS language
    • Do not abuse markdown (big words, useless bold, picture spam and so on...)

    Of course, this is only an example, in some cases you need to provide even more information.

    4. :angel: Treat yourself like you would like to be

    When you manage to get help, don't expect the person to come with straigth answers. Share ideas, results so far, ...
    Wait for the tools to be yours and become an engineer, then fix the problem. If the issue is resolved, learn how to help someone exactly the same way you got helped.

    5. :rotating_light: Accept the fact nobody has to

    Everyone spends their freetime on this website. Nobody is paid to play the support guy.
    This is why it takes time to get answers and help.

    Everyone volunteers, nobody has a gun to their head with the obligation to provide you support.

    There are probably tons of more details to add to this thread, but keeping it short and easily readable won't be an excuse to ignore the rules. Happy helping.

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