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Combining Addon Car DLC's ?

  • Hi everybody (:
    I'm currently experience random crashes on my GTA V.
    Since they are really random (sometimes shortly after startup, sometimes a few minutes/hours into gameplay) I assume I have an error with 1 or 2 of my addon Cars...
    So I'm gonna test them one by one to see which one..

    Because of that I was also reading around the Internet and saw a few post (here too) mentioning about combining DLC's.
    At the moment I have 3 DLC with each around 15 Addon Cars..

    What I was wondering, did anyone tried to put the addon cars into the regular GTA Vehicles rpf...
    So that instead of having the addon cars as a DLC pack, to have them within the regular GTA Vehicles rpf (and vehicles.meta, handling etc...)
    That way I would have all cars, the addons and from rockstar in the same place..

    Or if anyone has further tips on the combining thing? I also plan on adding more cars in the future (if there is a DLC Limit or similar)


    P.S. Of course I also have a working Gameconfig for addon cars.

  • @Sabrina2001 You can use this https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/add-on-replace-base-folder it narrows the DLC into 1 for loading time saving, and to avoid some of the crashes you said you've been having.

  • @Vermin said in Combing Addon Car DLC's ?:


    Awesome thanks!
    I'll check it out!!

    Yeah. I assume the random crashes to be from my DLCs.. I either have a mistake in one of them (like spelling within the carvariations) or it's in general the way I have the DLC added.
    Because the crashes are really random and that's the only thing I can imagine to be the fault..
    Somtimes it crashed before the loading screen, sometimes after.. Other times the crash comes 5-10 minutes after or maybe after hours... Never at a specific point..

    And I have weirdly long loading times (and the game is on a SSD ..)

  • @Sabrina2001 Hopefully it works! and yea I get no crashes but some of my scripts say Map Editor, and Gang Mod do not work anymore even with updated scripthook v but oh well maybe they just need to be updated to the latest.

  • @Vermin

    Yeah I hope it does..
    And I will also test every car one by one.. (I have a special popcycle and popgroups file, so it only spawns 1 car in all traffic.. )
    That way I can easily see if I made a spelling error or similar in the carvariations. Because then it crashes directly at startup..
    If all cars are fine (or I eliminated the one causing crashes) I can combine them ...

    Besides the addon cars, I do have a few other mods but I don't think they cause the crashes...
    Would be awesome if there was a detailed debug tool.. That creates like a log of everything..
    And then we all who use mods could see what the game did last, immediately before the crash..
    For example like "TIME: spawned car XYZ in AREA_BURTON > Error / Game crash" and then it would be easy to see what caused the crash :D

    But thanks a bunch for your tip.. I hope it works too


    @Sabrina2001 You should definitely have a look at the following tutorial: How to do: Add-On's / Replacer's

  • @meimeiriver
    Thanks for the Tip!! however I know how to add cars and create DLC's ;)

    I think my post made me sound more insecure than I'm really am...
    I have 3 working DLC's with add on cars.
    One I downloaded as a pack and the others I created myself...

    What I believe is that I made a little typo in 1 (out of the 20+ cars) so this causes the crash at random...
    Whenever the car is supposed to be spawned in traffic crash.. And it could be a little thing like writing "Standard PPlate" instead of "Standard Plate" (I also have custom plate like Liberty city and vice city plates)

    But what I'll try later is to add the cars from the DLC's into the regular files (where the original Rockstar Cars are) so that I can maybe remove the DLC's and integrate all addon cars into the regular game files..

    But I will see, first I have to find my other error, before I do things that may cause more troubles.. hahahaha
    And there is still the chance that my random errors are not even caused by the addons, but by something different :D

  • @Vermin Thank you for the suggestion, it helped me out alot.

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