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Idea for approving mods quicker.

  • So, I see that there is a queue for approval of mods. I see that this is not neccessary, as we have (at least) 10+ moderators here, and each moderator (or a pair, if required for huge sections like Vehicle section) can moderate/approve files of the section assigned for them. This way, files in bulk can be approved quicker, without the use of queues.

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    As per Foxtrot

    alt text

  • @Akram Explain, pls?

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    Why dont u read the other thread. No matter what, automated approvals are coming, until then, you will have approvals as lazy as how it was

  • @Akram Automated approvals don't sound like a good idea. Sure, it could be pretty cool to have mods virus-checked automatically, but there still should be some kind of moderation going on, like how @stillhere suggested. Two-step approval, step 1, automatic virus checking, step 2, spam checking (manual).

  • I'll handle all the approval.

    There. Solved.

  • @AHK1221 its a very good idea as i also stated in discord. I will ask fellow moderators if they feel they can do it we will impliment.

    One question though. Lets say i go afk for 2 days . or someone else from scripts catrgory moderator goes AFK for a week what happens in that situation . others will say not my problem , its not my responsibility i have been given a different category to look after.

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    @DarthPungz The purpose of issuing a public template is for others to use it for liveries. You should understand that. It is not necessary to take permission, yet i have done so by asking the author. If you are stuck at whether to approve or disapprove just because of this, why dont u shoot me a message, instead of ignoring? like rappo used to do.



    Everytime I have made a livery for a vehicle I get permission from the model maker before publishing.... You made a paint job... they made the model... If you didn't get permission to use their model I would not let you publish the mod... That is my standard...

    Do not try to lecture me or educate me... Please chose to be considerate and kind with you posts to all users on our boards and main site or you may face a ban. Thank you.

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    @DarthPungz If you do not know, someone should educate you for sure. You did not ask weather i got permission or not, yet you decided not to approve. So there you assumed. If the model is not permitted, you post the mod to Paintjob section instead of "vehicles". There, i had to teach you.



    You need to learn some manners... Take a 24 hour break. Next time the ban may be longer...

  • @DarthPungz i'll have to lock this topic. avoid talking with this user. his account has been flagged as anti social.

  • @DarthPungz You can't just ban him, he can have an opinion.



    He can have an opinion, but he can't be condescending and rude.

    I wouldn't allow it towards other community members and why should he be allowed to be rude to the moderation team?

    Besides, his ban was not a result of his comments towards me only but rather a culmination of his broader disrespectful behavior.


    I just want to clarify a couple of things said in this and the previous thread.

    When the moderators mention a "queue" this isn't actually a queue at all. All unapproved mods are visible to all moderators and await moderation on the same page. The "queue" the moderators mention is a hypothetical one based around the idea that the files that have been unapproved longest should be dealt with by the moderation team first. A logical idea, no? The Idea being, if there are 100 files in the moderation queue and a moderator only has the time to approve 10-20 files, he'll start from the bottom of the unapproved file list (the oldest files in the list). So, there's no actual queue as such.

    RE: automatic approval of files, unfortunately Foxtrot has jumped the gun a bit on that one. It was something we were considering when we first took over from Rappo (it was mentioned in my first few announcements when I took over). We since changed our thinking to only allow automatic approval from "verified mod authors" or from mod authors who have more than 5 approved files already, but after recent goings on in the community that's also now dead in the water for the time being.

    We've made a lot of changes recently in a short space of time and I mean it when I say we'll only be doing any bug fixes that may come up for the next few months at least -- no new features on 5Mods for a while. By all means request features you'd like to see on the site, but just be aware we're not going to be adding any new features for a while now.

    The moderation team are new and getting in to their role here at 5Mods. It takes time. We also need to be able to leave the dust to settle for a little while before we can reliably decide whether we need more moderators. Bearing in mind some people who were added to the moderation team haven't actually done any moderating yet, for various reasons, so at the moment the team is about 4-6 strong, depending on the day of the week.

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