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Custom GXT2 for Car Names - for Add-On DLC

  • I need a guide on how to make a custom GXT2 for the car names and where to get the hashes for the vehicles??

    If someone can help me :smile:

  • @c0der7 So, this is going to be tricky. First, you need to open up the vehicles.meta file of your addon. It will look something like this:


    Now, note the values of gameName and vehicleMakeName. Vehicle Make Name is basically the car manufacturer of your car, and game name is the car name. Do note, however, that the values you put in these tags WILL NOT appear in game. These are just "labels"; their actual value is different. But since we haven't defined that value, it will appear as NULL. So make sure that the name of these labels correspond to the car you're making.

    So now, let's add an actual value for these labels!

    First, open up any text editing program, I'm going to use Notepad++. Then, paste this text in:

    Version 2 30

    Now, you need to get the hash value for the labels you defined above. To do that, go to OpenIV -> Tools -> Hash Generator:
    That will open this up:

    Now, under Input, write down the name of your gameName label, which, in my case, is SRT10, and make sure Hex is checked:
    If you don't see any output showing up in the Output section, press Generate. Then you will see the output.

    Now, you should receive a string that looks something like this:
    Of course, the above is just an example, but if you do receive something like this, you are on the right path!

    For me, I received 0x0A2EF0A2 but of course, that will be different for you depending on what the name of your label was.

    Now, open up your text editing program again, and paste what you received in:

    Version 2 30

    Now, add an '=' sign after it:

    Version 2 30
        0x0A2EF0A2 =

    (Note the space I added before adding the '=' sign)
    Now, add what the actual 'value' for that label. Since SRT10 (for me) is the gameName label, which is the car name (in the real world), I'll add in what I want the game to show as the car's name:

    Version 2 30
        0x0A2EF0A2 = Viper SRT-10

    Yay! You have added the gameName label! Now repeat the above steps for the vehicleMakeName. After you do that, you will have something like this:

    Version 2 30
        0x0A2EF0A2 = Viper SRT-10
        0xFC3882B4 = Dodge

    Now, if you are using Notepad++, press File -> Save As, and change the Save As Type to All Files (.) and change the File name to global.oxt.

    It is important you get these things right!

    Press Save. Nowm navigate to where you saved it, and you will see a global.oxt file:

    In OpenIV, navigate to your dlc, and from there, go to:

    and then, in every rpf:
    drag-and-drop the global.oxt file into each rpf:


  • @AHK1221 bravo buddy bravo!

  • Learned this myself last night using I'm Not Mentals guide. Easier than expected.

  • @FoxtrotDelta Thanks for mentioning.

    @tobsicred @AHK1221 thanks for the guide. I did another approach by adding names in the gxt2 file using a tool called GXT2Editor and when I updated gxt2 back to the OpenIV rpf file inside lang directory.
    OpenIV started reading and writing the whole dlc.rpf file on my hard drive and making the vehicles.rpf file corrupted.

  • Hi everyone!
    I have one HUGE problem with this! =(
    I've did every step of this tutorial from begining to the end (trying to make name for mini cooper roadster). But in the game it's shows me just "Mini". "GXT2 Editor" shows the same.
    Please, help me to figure out on how to solve this problem.

    This link will show my "global.oxt" file and "global.gxt2" file in OpenIV.


    In Game screenshot

  • @Deicer That is because you wrote down Roadster in the gameName and Mini in the vehicleMakeName, whereas it should be the other way around. I'll quote my post:

    Vehicle Make Name is basically the car manufacturer of your car, and game name is the car name.

  • I followed this tutorial step by step, but the name doesn't appear in game.
    I have tried with 2 vehicles and with none of the 2 it works.

    This is the first
    alt text
    hash conversion
    alt text

    and this is the second
    alt text
    alt text

    with both in game they always have the name NULL
    yet I followed everything to the letter :(

  • @AHK1221

    Hi, I have followed the instruction and I successfully spawn my add-on vehicle with its brand and name (eg: Porsche 918 Spyder, Super). However, when I drive the car to Los Santos Customs, the cutscene only shows the vehicle name, without the brand (eg: 918 Spyder, Super), unlike cars from vanilla game which shows the brand. Am I missing anything?

    Here's what I have put

    global.gxt2 (0xBF49FF01 = Porsche ; 0xC9605B = 918 Spyder), the 0xBF49FF01 = Porsche changes to PORSCHE = Porsche automatically.

    vehicles.meta (<gameName>918 Spyder</gameName> ;

  • @1Mark I don't know if this is the problem, but try removing the space from 918 Spyder which you put as the game name:


    Of course, you'll also have to update the hash in the global.gxt2 file.

  • Quite old but people still seem to use the tutorial posted above, the hash part is not needed, you can just write your name and it will work, it will get saved too so next time you open the file it has your string name, if someone else opens it thought its hash again
    CAR1 = Something

  • @AHK1221 So if I want to add the year make and model is it still the same steps?

  • @boobiedread2282 He left 4 years ago but we expect him back any minute now to answer your question - please be patient.

  • @JohnFromGWN thanks so much

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