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sick of this

  • Ok so I've tried to hop on new version of gta, by just updating the scripthook etc, game wouldnt load kept crashing!

    Seems simpler just to keep reinstalling the game!

    I wish modding was simpler and more compatible with the game!

  • Give us a complete list of what you installed?


    Scripthook + .net version

    just some .dll files (mods) which I doubt is the case.

    I also had rage plugin hook there.


  • .dlls can also cause crashing. If the game crashes and the "Grand Theft Auto V has stopped working" pops up, click "view problem details".
    If it is a .dll that is causing the crash, it will say so in the "fault module name"

  • I got the same problem. I installed GTA new after the Update and backuped my modding files. So i havn't installed my mods yet. if I start the game and load story mode it crashes the same way

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