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Tempesta Customization not showing

  • So for whatever reason the customization options on the Tempesta aren't showing up in LSC or Menyoo. :confused:
    Mods folder redone, but the problem presists. Does anybody know the reason or any way of fixing this?
    Thank you!

  • Thats because your tuning id is conflicted. Read this thread to correct Tuning IDs


  • @The-Luciferous So, after trying to fix what I thought was a conflicted tuning ID (as suggested, following the linked thread), I realised that it isn't just the Tempesta, it's all the Import/Export DLC cars that are afected (none of which have any customization options showing on LSC). I've been looking through all my addons and I can't find where the problem is, any idea?
    Thanks again for helping me!

  • @Shruikan15 As LeeC2202 Suggested in the thread, tuning ids will only be taken from 0 to 255. Any value above 255 will consider only the last 8 bits. To know your actual ID, lets say you have a car with ID 984, the actual value is 216. This is calculated by > Calculator > Programming mode> 984 AND 255 = 216.

    I solved all my tuning ID's b following:

    1. Download ID Getter from https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/vehicle-kit-id-getter
    2. Import Carcols.meta from latest updates like gunrunning, biker, importexport etc.
    3. See for yourself, which IDs are not used. I think 238 to 255 are still not used.
    4. Assign unused ID's to your add-ons on carcols.meta and carvariations.meta as:

    (1) carcols.meta
    <id value="254" />

    (2) carvariations.meta

    1. You can use ID's from biker DLC, as you may not use much vanilla bikes.
    2. By correcting ID's of you add-on cars, should free the ID's thats being used up by gunrunning DLC, which will then enable their tuning.

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