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Headlights are always on

  • No matter what setting i put them to my headlights are always on for no reason even during the day time. What is the problem? seems to only happen with add-on cars. but no one else is having same problems

  • @dishrag I think you installed a graphic enhancement that makes certain lights emissive so they stay on all the time. If u have taxi's riding around with bright glowing signs on the roof even during day then thats the problem.


    @dishrag you missing lightsemmissive ID's select each lights on polygons view and go to propreties exterlan ID type this for each selected light :

    Left headlight [headlight_l] = 1
    Right headlight [headlight_r] = 2
    Left taillight [taillight_l] = 3
    Right taillight [taillight_r] = 4
    Front left indicator [indicator_lf] = 5
    Front right indicator [indicator_rf] = 6
    Rear left indicator [indicator_lr] = 7
    Rear right indicator [indicator_rr] = 8
    Left Brakelight [brakelight_l] = 9
    Right Brakelight [brakelight_r] = 10
    Center Brakelight [brakelight_m] = 11
    Left Reverse light [reversinglight_l] = 12
    Right Reverse light [reversinglight_r] = 13

  • @masterschwag how would i check this?

  • @Faysal where is this file?

  • @dishrag the only thing I can think of is to remove any graphic enhancements you recently added and load game to see if that changed anything. @Faysal is talking about editing the actual car in zmodeler which isnt necessary if its just a simple mod u can uninstall. If Im not mistaken if u installed VisualV and RadianceV together it makes emissive lights always on and very bright (I may be mistaken tho). I think if u narrow it down to a single mod u installed, u can go to there download page and read thru the comments because it may be fixed by now.

  • I run on this beatiful enb: https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/r-hancer-graphics-mod

    And I have the same problem, but with not every car. Just with the cars made by se7enmoon, elcreador et al. Their mods are great, but there appears the problem for me.


    @masterschwag not the visual stuff he said the lights are always on goes off only when engine off thats means they missing ids set up

  • Hold up. Can you link the car? Maybe the car is "broken". Car ID's are settings assigned to the vertices of a car part to make it light up properly.

    You may have installed a visual setting into the Gta V files that cause the light to always be "on". Did you install a (visualsettings.dat) file? This will cause some lights to always be on.

  • I have the same problem as TC, but there are just some cars that have this problem, for example i had the Challenger Hellcat by tkmodz, it has worked perfectly, but last night i tested it and the headlights were on. Here is a short video of the problem on Youtube, as you can see the front headlights are on and on the sides, although the lights are off in the controls, as you can see the rear headlights are off.

  • @Faysal Is it possible for you to put up a tutorial as to how to fix the lights, I can't find what you are saying in ZModeler. The polygons for the lights are lit up at all times but the light sources work correctly and only come on when it is night or they are turned on.

  • @Kiddabob When in ZModeler you have to select all of the broken lights individually in vertex mode. Once you have selected all of the vertices of the light you need to go into the properties tab next to the structure tab. In there, there should be a row that says ID 0.

    You need to set the ID to match the following for each light individually:
    left headlight (headlight_l) = 1
    right headlight (headlight_r) = 2
    left taillight (taillight_l) = 3
    right taillight (taillight_l) = 4
    front left indicator (indicator_lf) = 5
    front right indicator (indicator_lr) = 6
    rear left indicator (indicator_lr) = 7
    rear right indicator (indicator_rr) = 8
    left brakelight (brakelight_l) = 9
    right brakelight (brakelight_r) = 10
    middle brakelight (brakelight_m) = 11
    left reverse light (reversinglight_l) = 12
    right reverse light (reversinglight_r) = 13
    extra light 1 (extralight_1) = 14
    extra light 2 (extralight_2) = 15

    Headlights Always On Fix

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