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Frame rate drops when mods are installed?

  • Hey guys,

    Since the recent re-uploading of Open IV I've gone absolutely nuts when modding yet again, I have noticed however that I get frequent Frame drops when driving around the world, normally this wouldn't happen, I was just wondering if there was anything that can be done? Thanks for your time.

    Processor: AMD FX 8350.
    GPU: GeForce GTX 1050 ti
    Ram: 16gb
    OS:WIndows 10 Pro 64bit

  • try to activate shader cache in the nvidia settings and also turn off v sync.
    I had the same issue and simply limited my framerate to 50 in the nvidia control inspector this got rid of my stuttering maybe it helps you too + don't forget to lower your grass/foliage setttings to high.

  • It's nothing to do with my graphics, when I turn off the ASI within openIV the game runs find, there's no drop in frames at all, only when I turn on the mods.

  • @Cyplays Never understood people's obsession with FPS. The ONLY time I am ever forced to even think about it, is if the FPS dips to an unplayable state (under 20 FPS). This has never happened to me, so I don't GAF what my actual FPS is. If your FPS dips to an unplayable state, I would run a couple benchmarks both modded and unmodded. From there, it is just a matter of isolating the offending mod/script/s.

  • @eshenk See my obsession isn't with frames at all, I know I get enough frames for it to be enjoyable 90% of the time, it's just that 10% that ruins it, because I like to do machinima, and while recording the frame drops ruin my videos.

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