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Foliage always moving bug.

  • I am having a bug where the vegetation (trees and bushes) are always moving like they are on the stormy wetter setting this looks really odd and is very annoying. This happens always so even when there is no wind at all the trees are moving like when its a storm. I have tried to deactivate wind in the native trainer settings but it only affects electric cables and not trees or bushes. The only way to fix this was to turn the shader settings all the way down to "normal" but i dont want to play with these settings. Is there any way to turn off the wind or get rid of this bug ?
    I am using these mods:
    LA Roads+vegetation
    Gta 5 Natural Vision.
    Native Trainer

    Thanks for your help

    Update: I have found out that for some reason in some parts of Los Santos and in the desert the trees behave normal.
    However most of the trees are still bugged.

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