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Gauntlet mission (LS Customs) Problem

  • **hey guys

    yesterday i have tried to replay some missions ,,, but there is a problem in the gauntlet mission when i drop the gauntlet cars to the LS Customs the door of the garage wont open !!

    can some one help me plz**

  • any help !!!!

  • @alrefai And if you try to kill yourself three times, to skip it, the game will crash. I had similar issues in the past, one where we were supposed to rescue the captive held at the IAAA building. When Mike and Trevor started making their way over there, the game would crash. I had another instance, where Lamar would refuse to get in the car with Franklin. The SP missions should be played without any mods, minus texture mods.

  • @eshenk thank u bro

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