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Collisions settings for map in Zmodeler

  • Hello all! I am trying to convert a track for GTA V. I have the track ingame, but the problem is i have some issues with collisions:
    some parts of the collisions are missed and the ground collision is not good (no tires stripes, no tires smoke, no tires sound...) and it is a bit too much slippery.
    Is it possible too to make different collisions types? like road, wall, grass, mud...

  • Zmodeler isn't good for mapping. Use GIMS EVO V http://gtaforums.com/topic/836266-vrel-gims-evo-for-gta-v/

  • @cyberzone2 it's so hard to use 3ds max im so bad with it :'(
    I now have tires stripes on the floor, but no tires noise, and shadows problems, also have a collision problem with a "bump" on the ground, sometimes the car hit the bump like if its a wall, sometimes it jump the bump with no problem :/

  • Zmodeler doesn't have a proper collision support. That tool was never made for mapping to begin with, its designed specifically for car editing, and to some extent ped editing.

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