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i need help with installing this

  • Banned

    i need help with installing this every time i do it it brings up winzip do i need this

  • i have the same problem. what did you have to do?


    @eshenk come, let's hold hands and chant

  • @ReNNie I sometimes don't know whether to LOL or weep uncontrollably for humanity, LOL.


    @eshenk weeping won't increase the quality of this forum. Dedicated to modding. Instead it's being dragged down into the abyss.

    Time for drastic measures, that probably won't get taken...


    Where the hell do you idiots come from?

    1. Learn to ask a question. I can't link you to any guide because this is basic interaction.
    2. What are you installing?

    So going off on my assumptions, you downloaded some mod from the website and when you open the downloaded file, your archive program (WinZip) opens up.

    Great, now extract the files and follow the instructions on the mod page or the included readme file.

  • @ikt He starts his opening sentence with this - "i need help with installing this"

    "this"? WTF is "THIS"?!? It is though they think we can see what they are doing, and as such, we should all know what they are trying to install. SIGH


    @ikt @ReNNie @eshenk This thread was created by a troll... just look at his last time connection.

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