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Making Sense of Attachment XYZ Rotation/Offset Values

  • Hello all, I'm currently working on a heavily modified config of "Pickups" by InfamousSabre ( https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/pickups ). I've reached out to him on his YouTube to no avail about an issue I'm having with modifying attached objects to the player character's bones, particularly rotating them:

    In "Pickups", the weapons appear attached to the defined player bone within the proper .xml files that come with the script, but an issue I've come across with editing it all to my own liking is getting the offset and rotation x y z values down properly and it is a major pain editing them by .01 or so and having to restart the entire game to see my results. May I ask how possibly this could be accomplished any easier? InfamousSabre had to have made the default values to have the guns appear on your back, hip etc. somehow... was it truly guess-work like how I'm doing?

    I'm trying to get a couple different weapons to be carried in the player's left hand when he's not using them and I've successfully created new slots and positions before this way (like knives being tucked into the player's boot) but I've hit a road block on this one.. if there's some type of tool or reference available that could feed me those x y z offset/rotation values easily one of yall might know about or something that would be awesome, because I feel the way I'm attempting to get the rotational values down is just not practical at all and is gonna take me months at this rate.. sorry if my explanation doesn't make much sense because I'm not really that experienced when it comes to this type of stuff..

    If I can get my config polished like how I want I plan on putting it up on the site here for others to use as well because InfamousSabre gave the go-ahead long ago to release your own configurations of Pickups if you want, and I feel a lot of people here will dig how I have mine set-up if I can get it out there. Regardless, thanks all. Hope someone can throw me a bone here.

  • @Zippo-Raid I don't know of any tools/scripts to help you out, but you could try and see if reloading scripts will help you with the wait time of restarting the game. It may mess up the script though, not sure.

    To reload ASI scripts, create a file in your GTA V directory named "ScriptHookV.dev" (without quotes). Nothing has to be in it. Then when in game press CTRL + R twice (first press unloads scripts, second reloads). This messes up Script Hook V .NET though (it doesn't like to be reloaded), so you may want to disable it while you're doing this (if you have it installed in the first place).

  • @Jitnaught Wow.. If I knew that way to reload .ASI scripts I'd have gotten much further way sooner.. Thanks for that. I might be onto something using Menyoo.. Restarting my GTA now to check my progress, and hopefully for the last time thanks to your tip!

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