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[SCRIPT][WIP] Remote Sniper

  • Finally the second script [Heli Cam] has been made by @winject after he saw my new request, now he saw this old topic and he started making the "Remote Sniper" also.

    1. Remote Sniper - is a high-powered sniper rifle, The weapon is only used during the mission "Caida Libre", where the player has to shoot down a Shamal with the sniper; it is subsequently destroyed with the van it is transported in.
      This is what GTA Wiki says: This weapon cannot be obtained in free-roam without modifications.
      alt text

    2. Helicopter Cam
      download here: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/helicopter-camera

    Thank you very much, no game life without modders :D

  • @NaughtyBoy Since the helicam has been done, I could also work on the remote sniper.

  • Is this possible will my dream be realized?

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