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Mod Idea (The AgesV)

  • NOTE: This'll be edited over time and this isn't a request, more an idea I have, though requests are welcomed.
    This isn't the only mod I am working on, though the main one at least.

    I have an idea for a mod, a scripting mod and it's to deal with a superheroes and villains in Los Santos, so the player may spot a villain robbing a bank or in general causing havoc as well as a superhero saving people from danger or fighting villains which the player can participate it or record on his phone. I do really wanna make this, so I am legit binge watching GTA5 and ZMODELER 3 Tutorials. I think if done right could make up for a really badass mod, since I do want to mod some villain and superhero skins or just put them in modded gear and clothing as well as make them have their own abilities as well as abilities from other mods. As for what I'm planning, they occur randomly, though you are notified.

    I also wanna make specific heroes and villains come out usually at different times during the day and vigilantes come out at night fighting bad guys which again you could also watch, participate it or take a photo of it or record it on Rockstar Editor, the choice is yours. I do have many ideas for this mod, and am very excited to make it, since I want the player to feel like heroes and villains are normal in this modded world so you'll probably see superheroes roaming around the place, such as flying in the sky or speeding through cities. Just a notification that a mod is being worked on and it is this mod.

    Update 1: I will be working firstly on how to spawn villains and criminals around the Los Santos map randomly using Menyoo and maybe Map Editor, whichever is preferred. Again, even this is still in pre alpha lol.

  • Damn, was planning to make something like this lol :grin:

  • Nice idea.
    I was never a fan of superheroes. Supervillains however, are my favourites. If there's a mod for playing the bad guy, I'll download it instantly. After all, this is GTA V. You are not supposed to be good. :smiley:

  • @stillhere Lol, sorry. I addressed this as an announcement and also so that people know I had this idea and that if anyone else does it, people can't claim I'm copying it (nor claiming the person who made a mod similar to that of this mod Idea is copying from this as well). It's still pretty much in very pre-alpha, as I am a beginner to GTA5 coding, while quite intermediate at coding in general, so I'm still learning so I can get it right.
    I'll be posting pictures here to show the mod development, I'll be coding the villains and criminal gang behaviour first though. Anyways, you can still do a mod similar to this idea, I'm sure it'll be better than what I make of it. Though, I'm still deffinetly doing it since I've had this idea for a very long time.
    @V4D3R Thanks lol. I'm also a fan of super villains though superheroes and supervillains fighting with super strength in GTA is something you wouldn't wanna miss lol.

  • @MrGlavez Understandable, some users can be really quick to call something a rip-off.
    Well since you are working on it, and I haven't even started, I will instead make something to compliment it (the ideas are brewing haha). Anyways, I'll be following this thread; looking forward to updates :D

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  • @V4D3R what about Deadpool? He's not exactly a villain, but not exactly a hero either.

  • @Global-Moderators Hmm, what you are saying is going to be done mostly through scripting.

  • @nathanjamesddg151 Some would say he's an "anti-hero"... at least that's what the wiki says.

    And he's more on the villain side tbh then on the hero side, like he helps out but he's still considered a villain.

  • I think a nice quick interim mod would be something that functions like Provocateur/Riot, but gives peds super strength and speed, explosive attacks and a super jump.

  • @nathanjamesddg151 He's my favorite.

  • @AHK1221 Nah Deadpool is more of anti hero, he'll help the heroes like him and Cable though sometimes helps the villains which is quite rare. What Deadpool does to achieve his goals make him more of an anti hero. Also, are you gonna continue your tutorials as they've helped me alot with getting into modding as well as basic modding?

    @Joe-Gillian Good idea, though I had in mind for the player to get like the Iron Man Mod and etc since the villains and criminals that'll spawn around the city might have quite a lot of health. However, I can say that I'm working on spawning criminals and villains around the map first, and again, I am a beginner so this mod will take a while.

  • @MrGlavez lol, which tutorials? The scripting ones or the GIMS Evo ones?

  • @AHK1221 Both, though mainly the .NET coding. I thought you were gonna expand upon it so just asking.

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