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Best ENB/ReShade settings?

  • Hi there! So I've been testing out some of the ENB/ReShade that is out there. And I must say, most of them look absolutley stunning. (So creeds to you guys) But I'm having a hardtime choosing the one I want to go with. So just wanted to ask, wich one is your favorit? And why :)




    Here's what I use:

    • VisualV: Enhanced game visuals without any FPS lose.
    • ReShade RealityZ: A bit old ReShade config, but it looks so real combined with VisualV (in my opinion, obviously).
    • ENB Series and some other optional files that comes with VisualV RAR File.

    For me it looks pretty good and I love it <3

  • If you want best available combination without tweaking much, I recommend Quant's Reshade, VisualV and any other shiny ENB. Analyze only enbseries.ini file from few different ENB mods. It is very easy to edit it and you can choose parts which you like the most.
    Quant has made the best reshade available with best framerate and most natural look. If you want to take snapshots with DOF, just pres ''- (minus)'' on normal keyboard. His timecycle is too real for me so I used a version of VisualV. I like to play in more vibrant colors with a little sharper picture. For car shine, use any other shiny ENB available.

  • @MrSandwiich @Reyser i would suggest using Pinacle of V reshade and enb. i could post the link here. but might be illegal or improper as it has been removed from every where except a few places. try looking for that. best one yet for me.


    @FoxtrotDelta I saw PoV when it was on 5mods, still being a middle-stolen mod, had good look, but I prefer what I said on my first comment. Anyway thanks for the suggestion ;)

  • @Reyser Can you post the link to the Reshade RealityZ?


  • @Reyser Thanks for that, appreciate it!.

    Do I install to my mods folder or vanilla directory. (VisualV)

    And have you had any issues with crashes or conflicts?


    @Lowdown85nz If you use mods folder and you want to install VisualV, then install it on "mods" folder, but following mod instructions. If you're asking of how to intall RealityZ, instructions are inside the downloaded file I belive, but it goes to vanilla directory.

  • Hi, I would reccomend checking out CrystalReality for all the included presets, VisualV (although it is a little bit dry/flat looking) and my preset that I uploaded. Try out anything that looks semi-interesting, you never know, and pick your favorite one :D Cheers & Happy modding!

  • I like Hellspawn 92 SweetENB 2.5 Reshade with ENB HQ MSAA, Inspector SGSSAA & MXAO + IL From marty mcfly.

    SweetFX curves contrast at 2/3 with .40-.55 increase, and Lumasharpen at Pyramid shaped 4 chroma @ 2.5-2.9 with 35 pixel threshold + 1.55 offset

    I add some enhanced motionblur.asi & enhanced DOF also, but keep vanilla timecycles

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