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[PLAYER] Somthing Big and Blue and is Stronger then the Hulk some Say: The Tick

  • Hay I notice we have So many Superman Batman Hell CW Superhero comes out the next day but there is One I notice that is not on here one that is by far a parody but grow in its own right I am talk about
    alt text
    That's Right
    THE TICK Please Someone Make it happen PLEASE and non of you who dose not know the TICK is then Go search Google and find his comics TV Shows and TOYS Because the Tick is better then all these Heroes combined please Someone Make him a reality in GTA V with a Modify Hulk Script we can have the TICK

  • @G1Convoy I've made a custom ped before out of love for the source material, and I may just do that for this guy. I'll keep you updated!

  • :D Thats SO COOL Thanks

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