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Lessons learned, lessons shared...

  • Back while I was unemployed, I was able to push my texture mods out very regularly, but everything came to me hard. Finding the textures I was after took longer than the actual creation of the textures itself.

    Since being employed, I have completely lost the drive I once had when I had so much time on my hands.

    Lately I have discovered a much more efficient way of finding the textures I am after. Typically I would open up every .ytd and .ydr file, and browse through the many textures they often held, before finding what it was I was looking for.

    Yesterday morning, I discovered that I could actually export openIV formats all archives to a folder on my desktop, and then do a search for .dds, and PRESTO! all textures would display, using a DDS windows explorer viewer plugin! That was a BIG moment for me, being able to see all textures in a single view. It still is a bit of work though, because I still have to set mipmap levels for all textures redone, as I have never found a way to do this directly in GIMP, LOL.

    Anyhow, I have been slowly building up a category of images to be used for more texture mods. There are a LOT of poorly done textures in GTA V, that when you look at them up close, they get very fuzzy or pixelated-looking. So my plans are going to involve creating better and higher resolution textures for buildings, pavement, grass, rocks, cliffs, and houses. It will be awhile, as I am doing this only on my days off, but new stuff will be forthcoming.

  • @eshenk damn homie I pm'd you about this type of stuff , you never hit me back lol. I'm trying to get my xxx shop and strip club textures perfect resolution


    ah, could've told you that, I've expanded the IV textures same way, much easier to navigate

    but why you're so hooked on *.DDS? For my retexturing I always take 24-bit PNG as a format.

  • @ReNNie DDS is better for game stuff, imo. Don't really know how, but it just is :P

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