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How to make Add-On car to replace!!!

  • Download:


    Vehicle File:

    • Step 6: Rename whatever the vehicle file name to the one you want. For example I will do dominator so the name of the file should change from:
    • i8.yft ---> dominator.yft
      i8_hi.yft ---> dominator_hi.yft
      i8.ytd ---> dominator.ytd

    • Step 7: Replace the vehicle file


    • Step 8: Find the mods.rpf file for the vehicle you want by pressing Ctrl+F3 and search
      [car name]_mods.rpf

    • Step 9: Double click on it and remove all mods for that car and replace it with the included Add-On car tuning

    Replacing The Data:

    • Step 10: (This is for the game to detect different files being but into the mods.rpf) Extract the carcols.ymt, edit with notepad++ (https://notepad-plus-plus.org/download/v7.4.2.html) and find the dominator in the file and replace everything with the included carcols by copying everything from <visibleMods> to </Liverynames>

    • Step 11: Replace the vehicles.meta file with the included vehicles.meta files fromm the Add-On

    • Step 12: Replace the handling.meta with the included handling.meta from the Add-On


    • If want to replace a file in a dlc, simply edit carcols.meta file

    • If game crash, check for coding error that you have made in the handling and meta because copy and pasting can make duplicate code and caused game to crash

    • Question? Comment on this post and I will try to answer them as best as I could

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