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.meta File Edit guide??

  • Is there an existing thread or tutorial video anywhere explaining the finer points of this. From looking at them it seems to be mostly troubleshooting and changing one value at a time then test playing. But i didnt know if anyone knew the finer points, do's/dont's and would like to share. For me its the weapons i want to be able to tweak settings after installing overhauls. Things like @Impactjunky 's Chainsaw the musket to a shotgun or marksman pistol to a revolver. I have the models replaced but need to make changes without overwriting one or the other.

  • @administrators my bad yall wrong section i was looking for a tutorial an posted here agan my b

  • @kinghippo2000 @stillhere damn i got excited thought it said u responded lol well thx dude

  • For example the edits i want to make to some of the shotguns is unrealistic physics sending victims airborne, buckshot rendering it useless long range definitely max recoil and the hipfire shooting anim. I know the reload anims wouldnt be spot on since you'd have to lift it to upright aiming position to pump the shell out but i like the cinematic shit ala revolver trickshots and gangster aim. If i could learn to fuck around with them id like to try changing one or two pistol anims to the onehanded execution stance. Ya know in @jedijosh920 execution mod when he changed it from press j for killmove to where they beg for their life and you shake the pistol at them while they cry/beg/shit and piss themselves lol. I have a couple ideas like to see come about but things like revolver reload animations for the sns pistol are most important to me.
    I could keep troubleshooting on my own and ill eventually figure it out but if theres a resource somewhere itd be nice to learn first and save some time.

  • @kinghippo2000 lol I don't think you'll really get help for this one , I asked about the Azteca and Koreans Meta File, Nobody responded. I don't think there's alotta people here who knows meta files tbh.

  • @kinghippo2000 Editing meta files is mostly trial and error. I tried looking up some pointers when I first started modding but there doesn't seem to be much info on this subject out there. @Rippler seems to know the most about weapons.meta so he may possible be able to help you.

  • @Impactjunky So ill pick at ur brain one more time do i need to edit the meta files in the dlcpacks when said weapon was released or updated? or just the newest patchday? or pray and commit samurai suicide i dont fuck my game up lol

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