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Texture change.

  • Alot of people (including myself) are into making GTA V look as much like Los Angeles as possible. I have a(n) request/idea for anyone up to it. There are many skyscrapers based off real buildings but I am focusing on the Maze Bank Tower (U.S. Bank Tower) and the Schlongburg Sachs building (Citigroup Center). Now here is the challenge. Can anyone make the real life logos on the top/side? I am not sure if the whole building will need a retexture or not. I can help if anyone is up for it although I know nothing about modding I know plenty about those two buildings in real life. Thanks!

  • Check "Real California Architecture" it will have US Bank Logo istnead of Maze Bank (Not sure when it will be released to public but it will)

  • This post is deleted!

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