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Brighten Headlights and DRL's ?

  • hello everyone there !!! I am looking for suggestions and help, In many videos and photos I have seen DRL's that look awesome and so much bright I also want that type of look in my Add-ons cars so can someone please help me and suggest any method of enhancing them to look more bright and real than ever. Thanx in advance for your help and suggestions :). Also I am using a medium rather low set up (2GB Geforce 940M, 8GB Ram) with decent fps, just a heads up so everyone can offer better suggestions on my query. THANKYOU

  • mods\update\update.rpf\common\data
    in visualsettings look for this lines
    (just increase values)


    and look for this line
    "emissive bits"

    increase valeaus to your taste...
    make a backup visuallsetting and try it

  • Sorry DRLs

  • @alex20121981 thanx man and I will definitely try your suggestions and update you later really appreciate you for looking into my query :)

  • Also enable Post FX (in Graphics settings) to high or ultra

  • @The-Luciferous thanx for your suggestion brother.

  • @alex20121981 , @The-Luciferous thanx to both of you guys very much also sorry I was kind of busy thats why I couldn't reply thanx to both of you

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