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Engagement model with girls

  • Hi I would like to know how to call the mod to engage with girls and become a husband and wife.
    I'm looking for answers
    Thanks in advance

  • @Joseph2017 I think the game you're looking for is called "The Sims" ;)
    I honestly don't think there are any mods available for GTA that allow you to do things like get engaged and then married!

  • No it's not the sims because i see in some youtube serials that the player trusts a son on the game i leave you the link of a video, The first part is a bit dirty but details ;) :

    P.S Look at the minute 9:30 at 12:10

  • Hot Coffee?

  • But I'm looking for a mod for gta 5 where you can 'marry me because I bring the real life model series.

  • @Joseph2017 There is a "Wife Mod" in the makings by @ashishcw . He posted a video but I haven't seen much from him lately. He's very thorough seems to only release a mod once its quality work.

  • @Joseph2017 There is no such mod for it right now, what you are seeing is just from video editing magic and some roleplay.

  • @Joseph2017 Yes, that's rightly mentioned by @kinghippo2000
    I was/am working on this mod. Though, not so actively due to some circumstances, the progress is slow but I didn't discontinue the mod.

    And referring to the video, it was made in the past and till this day, the mod has progressed a lot. I have changed the menu look, it looks more elegant now, thanks to @stillhere for his custom menu class. Added some realistic interactive options. A lot bug fixes and performance improvements.

    Though, I didn't get time to record a mod progression and to upload it. But I could brief it here.

    So the original Idea and request was from @tatiyana I am just executing the idea. So whole credit should go to tatiyana

    Mod progress So far

    1. Ped Selector - Before the mod will start spawning your partner(Wife/Girlfriend) it will pop up a Ped selector menu, where player will be able to select the Ped.

    2. Define Avatar - Next, Player will be able to define the avatar for wife(Hair Type, Top/Shirt, Legs/Jeans, Additional Accessories(Sunglasses, Hat), Age(Define her Age), Hobbies/Interest, Personality Type(Demanding, Quiet, Introvert etc)) Now, the point to note here is, I had to make another class define her Personality and reaction according to it. So for instance, you select her personality as Demanding, she will demand certain things, quiet oftenly, where player will have to fulfill her demands, else the relationship bar will deplete, effecting her to respond rudely, blocking player's further actions(Such as to have a chat with her, Dance, Kiss & you know the REST. :D ).

    3. Hobbies Types - Have added Shopping, Sailing, Heli Rides, Adventurous as her hobby types. Each parameter will have different action types. So for instance, if you define shopping as her hobby, you will often have to take her to for shopping, and her shopping bill will be deducted from player's in-game money balance. For adventurous, she might want you to get engaged in a cage fight, or for you to make a car jump stunts, with her.

    4. Flu Effect - I just added this feature from my Be a Bodyguard Mod. A timer will pop up on screen and player will have to rush her to the hospital etc.

    5. Data Saving - Once the Data is been saved, it will auto load, every-time you start your game.

    6. Rescue Mission(This has been added on Request) - So the scenario will be like, a friend of wife been abducted and player & wife will have to rescue her friend. Additional bodyguard's(Friends of wife ped) will join you the fight.

    I am still working on some more features, but due to lack of time, the progress is slow a bit.

    P.S. Forgot to add a special note, in any circumstances, your wife,Girlfriend will be invincible. Player won't be able to harm her in anyways. Lastly, If player still tries to, she will leave immediately, with some wanted stars on player.

  • Do you know when it will be released?

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