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[VEHICLE][WIP]USS Nathan James DDG-151 (US Navy Destroyer)

  • @Elope not exactly

  • You will probably here from me again on this topic starting in mid-February. That's when all my exams are done. Until then I'm keeping it low and just finish projects I have started and not finished. :)

    @Dilapidated if this works I'm gonna kiss your feet or something :D I hope to try it out tomorrow

  • @Elope So to kind of explain... The dlc sfx structure has two files in question (technical2 and technical2_npc). All awc files contain specific hashes/names for each sound. What I did was use the Toro sounds in replacement of the Technical2 sounds while retaining additional sounds like doors closing etc not normally found in Toro files. Then say I want to use this with a model I created called ussdestroyer I would name these two files like so (ussdestroyer and ussdestroyer_npc) and add them to the sfx folder. I would open vehicles.meta and ensure that in my ussdestroyer lines I do not have an audiohash set it needs to be default so that it grabs the awc file I created and uses it per the model name.

    Anywho that's the jest of it. Can't wait to hear feedback from you guys of whether it works or not. I'm hoping it's a solid answer to this issue and if it works we could do something similar to other vehicles which we want to have custom sounds though keep in mind we'd be limited to the same amount of sound hashes/names as the original file.

    Again it's untested but I think it should work unless some .rel file needs editing. If it doesn't work then try perhaps naming the audio hash in vehicles.meta the same as what you named the model/awc

  • Has anyone tested this yet? Does it work?

  • I hope that works, i wonder if the texture are correct and very high :)

  • @Voltrock for the new model, the textures are extremely high quality, and look quite realistic, even showing the welded spots using a bump map. If anything, we'll have to shrink them a little.

  • @nathanjamesddg151 cool :), i ll change number in front and to do a skin USCG for sure

    I am impatient xD

  • @Voltrock already changed the number and name.

  • @nathanjamesddg151 Cool, now i wait :)

  • @Voltrock Are you gonna do a USCG skin for this navy destroyer?

  • Did anyone test the sound? :x

  • @SkylineGTRFreak I don't know. I'm still confused on how this works.

  • @patrickprof nop, i wait to have textures ;)

  • @Voltrock Yeah, I understand, but when the model is released, will you do that? I was just wondering if it was a quick comment or real plan

  • @patrickprof it also depends on the mapping style. Luckily, the whole destroyer is on a texture map, which makes things easier.

  • @patrickprof i ll do it, thanks photoshop to allow everything :)

    @nathanjamesddg151 i would like to see how is the texture on a pic :)

    I worked on helipad to P120, it s same texture of carrier (my last upload) but with more dirty and low quality -_- (carrier 2000x2000 and P120 400x400 maybe less).
    For USS, i can to change colour, i used a black decals over on carrier and P120.
    you can see below how is the ground and rails (same rails on carrier but with less screw) ;)

    How many file are they on USS?? (3 or 4 files or more??)

  • With all these ship mods coming out, is there anyway you could release a beta without weapons?

  • @kingboughey The weapons aren't a problem anymore but I think Skyline is very short on time currently.

  • Aren't we oversaturated With ships atm anyway? :P

  • @SkylineGTRFreak You can never have to many ships, especially if you have navy ships ;)

  • Well, I wanted to modify the ship as amphibious vehicle class this week and see how it goes. Then we might also see if the sounds by @Dilapidated work. At least I can try them Then.

  • Grand Theft Auto V, World of Warships... Same thing, nowadays.

  • @TheSigui Except our ships can't shoot and have audio at the same time...yet.

  • @nathanjamesddg151 @SkylineGTRFreak what's the line in hadlling.meta controls how much the ship is under water D: ? all the big ship mods' propellers tend to come out of water when accelerating while when parking there it's okay...I wanna makke the ships sink a bit more into water :/ so it wont look so strange when sailing,and for james,the problem of propellers not touching water causing not going forward wont happen again ...

  • @Elope fPercentSubmerged

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