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[VEHICLE][WIP]USS Nathan James DDG-151 (US Navy Destroyer)

  • @Elope RMS Queen Mary I believe. This is the 151st post. lol.

  • @nathanjamesddg151 HAHAHA ,lucky you

  • @SkylineGTRFreak Should probably make a new video soon...

  • @SkylineGTRFreak Uh sir,just asking if you are going to update USS-dallas as well?
    the centre of mass seems a bit off,and maybe set it look like the pic below when it comes out of water?
    And can the propellers be blurred like the helis?if can,maybe apply this to the james as well?
    alt text

  • Lights are GREAT! @nathanjamesddg151 @SkylineGTRFreak
    So what is left to do?

  • @SkylineGTRFreak I've kinda tweaked the handling for the dallas so it handles more like a big stuff,making it turns slower,pitch slower
    Oh,and do you have the FSX model of SH-60?I need the texture for the japan self defence navy's SH-60J.If you have it,please send it to me via kevin43211@yeah.net , much appreciated !

    here's the handling
    <Item type="CHandlingData">
    <fMass value="8000.000000" />
    <fInitialDragCoeff value="1.000000" />
    <fPercentSubmerged value="90.000000" />
    <vecCentreOfMassOffset x="0.000000" y="0.00000" z="0.00000" />
    <vecInertiaMultiplier x="1.000000" y="1.000000" z="1.000000" />
    <fDriveBiasFront value="0.000000" />
    <nInitialDriveGears value="1" />
    <fInitialDriveForce value="40.000000" />
    <fDriveInertia value="1.500000" />
    <fClutchChangeRateScaleUpShift value="1.300000" />
    <fClutchChangeRateScaleDownShift value="1.300000" />
    <fInitialDriveMaxFlatVel value="75.000000" />
    <fBrakeForce value="0.400000" />
    <fBrakeBiasFront value="0.600000" />
    <fHandBrakeForce value="0.700000" />
    <fSteeringLock value="35.000000" />
    <fTractionCurveMax value="0.000000" />
    <fTractionCurveMin value="0.000000" />
    <fTractionCurveLateral value="6.000000" />
    <fTractionSpringDeltaMax value="0.100000" />
    <fLowSpeedTractionLossMult value="0.000000" />
    <fCamberStiffnesss value="0.000000" />
    <fTractionBiasFront value="0.950000" />
    <fTractionLossMult value="1.000000" />
    <fSuspensionForce value="1.000000" />
    <fSuspensionCompDamp value="3.000000" />
    <fSuspensionReboundDamp value="0.000000" />
    <fSuspensionUpperLimit value="0.100000" />
    <fSuspensionLowerLimit value="0.100000" />
    <fSuspensionRaise value="0.000000" />
    <fSuspensionBiasFront value="0.000000" />
    <fAntiRollBarForce value="0.000000" />
    <fAntiRollBarBiasFront value="0.000000" />
    <fRollCentreHeightFront value="0.000000" />
    <fRollCentreHeightRear value="0.000000" />
    <fCollisionDamageMult value="1.500000" />
    <fWeaponDamageMult value="1.000000" />
    <fDeformationDamageMult value="2.000000" />
    <fEngineDamageMult value="1.500000" />
    <fPetrolTankVolume value="250.000000" />
    <fOilVolume value="10.000000" />
    <fSeatOffsetDistX value="0.000000" />
    <fSeatOffsetDistY value="0.000000" />
    <fSeatOffsetDistZ value="0.000000" />
    <nMonetaryValue value="40000" />
    <Item type="CSubmarineHandlingData">
    <fPitchMult value="2.000000" />
    <fPitchAngle value="10.000000" />
    <fYawMult value="1.100000" />
    <fDiveSpeed value="0.480000" />
    <fRollMult value="0.100000" />
    <fRollStab value="0.01000" />
    <vTurnRes x="3.100000" y="0.400000" z="0.350000" />
    <fMoveResXY value="42.000000" />
    <fMoveResZ value="70.000000" />
    <Item type="CVehicleWeaponHandlingData">
    <Item />
    <Item />
    <WeaponSeats content="int_array">
    <fTurretSpeed content="float_array">
    <fTurretPitchMin content="float_array">
    <fTurretPitchMax content="float_array">
    <fTurretCamPitchMin content="float_array">
    <fTurretCamPitchMax content="float_array">
    <fBulletVelocityForGravity content="float_array">
    <fTurretPitchForwardMin content="float_array">
    <fUvAnimationMult value="0.000000" />
    <fMiscGadgetVar value="0.000000" />
    <fWheelImpactOffset value="0.000000" />
    <Item type="NULL" />

  • @davi2224 Weapons, lighting (@SkylineGTRFreak is currently working on those), interior work, textures, etc.

  • @nathanjamesddg151
    so probably between 1/2 months it will be available ?

  • @davi2224 Maybe... no promises, mainly because this mod has been a WIP since January/February.

  • @nathanjamesddg151
    I unfortunately know, I follow the project from start

  • @davi2224 its mainly because boats are different especially in gta 5. even an experienced moder like skyline needed time to get it where it is. he can release it even now. but He wants it to be Good. like all of his mods. i like the fact that he has a certain Standard for his mods. if a thing does not meet the standard. he makes it come up to the level and then release to the public. i respect that. @nathanjamesddg151

  • @davi2224 @nathanjamesddg151 Project launched in 23. September 2015,it actually started along with skyline's M1A2 !
    Dang it took so long until we have what is here lol

  • @Elope @SkylineGTRFreak briefly abandoned it until earlier this year apparently. From there it was stop and go with numerous hurdles being encountered and innovations being made.

  • @FoxtrotDelta @Elope @nathanjamesddg151 all SkylineGTRFreak's projects are detailed and efficient , so I hope he can get the desired standart with Natham James

  • @Elope @FoxtrotDelta @davi2224 @SkylineGTRFreak I've spent nearly $150 dollars on this project alone, and that is probably only the beginning. I still have to buy a $99 dollar Navy Dress Blue Uniform, possibly more parts, etc. Not to forget about the unrelated Defender-Class boat, another $50 dollars easy. Mods don't come cheap...

  • @Elope I will take care of this at some point, especially since we may want to add an Astute class submarine as well (it is seen in the TV series)

  • @SkylineGTRFreak Found a low poly (like 1000 polygons) for like $130 dollars.

  • @nathanjamesddg151 yup, when the lights are done I think it's a good time to show some progress

  • @SkylineGTRFreak yeah a new video it's perfect

  • @nathanjamesddg151 Good ones don't come cheap yes. but i would not spend too much on mods. and too much for everyone is different. as every one has their own circumstances.

  • @SkylineGTRFreak how much further has it gotten? Can you do lighting like this? http://media.defense.gov/2015/Dec/08/2001323308/655/438/0/151207-N-FP878-012.JPG I'll find better pictures, but this is used when refueling at night. Oh, and are there going to be lights in the corridors?

  • @FoxtrotDelta There are other reasons why I buy these models. I do static rendering along with graphic design, so in college, this model will come in handy. So I don't have a problem with investing, especially with purchases spaced so far apart.

  • @nathanjamesddg151 and if you are a professional in Graphics department. or even a student. then this investment is Very well placed! i grantee you that.

  • @nathanjamesddg151 mmh, it will be free right? (sorry for my bad english)

  • @davi2224 Yeah... Obviously. No one should charge for mods.

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