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[Question] GIMS Evo Parallax Shading

  • Hi, I'm looking for some help on shaders. I'm super confused about how to get parallax shading like the grass and rocks seen in some areas of the map. I'd like to create a 3D rock effect on my prop.

    What shader do I use, and what textures do I need? (Bump, Height, etc.)

    Thanks in advance!

  • Figured it out :D ! Will post how soon:

    Parallax example 1
    Parallax example 2
    Parallax example 3

    No, this is not a Normal Map.

  • hello to you sorry to relaunch the topic I need your help I am trying to understand how to activate the shader for texture parallax height / displacement / bump ... I create texture for the road my it is in high resolution 4096/8192 I would like to know how to make the texture of height work I try to add a texture as an example imroad_020_ H it does not work finally the game the load help me please here is one of my video mes it lacks the texture height to give a more realistic effect

    video >>

  • @gamehancer You need to edit the model in order to make height maps working, problem is, every part of road is it's own model so you would have to import every single road and edit it manually

  • I already have a texture of height with a channel gray / black I create them from the software b2m (bitmap 2 material) I import it therefore in the folder example> IMROAD_002_H it is well its? can you contact me on my face book thanks to you i really need help


  • Sorry to hear this isn't working out for you! I would like to hear you've made some progress on this because this is absolutely amazing and i have never seen any texture mod like this before. LA roads can't compete with this whatsoever. Good luck, And please keep me updated!

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