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Lore-friendly NASCAR-esque vehicle(s)

  • Hello, everyone! I thought I might just drop by the forums to see if my little mod/sort of update idea would work... For the longest time I have always wondered what a NASCAR (not actually NASCAR, duh.) like batch of vehicles would be like. Ya know, stock cars. Not those P.O.S muscle "stock cars" R* added for the next-gen versions of GTAV. But legit, roll-cage, shell on chassis, stickers sorta stock cars. I even had some ideas thought up:...

    For vehicles in general I came up with:
    Cheval Fugitive Stock Car (counterpart to the Chevrolet SS Stock Cars currently used)
    Bravado Feroci/Karin Asterope Stock Car (Toyota Camry counterpart, whichever one looks more the part)
    Vapid Interceptor Stock Car (closest thing the Ford Fusion used in NASCAR today)

    These cars would have multiple liveries with the respective parodying companies for sponsors (i.e M&Ms to Ego Chaser) My goal is just to find a dedicated modder who could possibly do this. God, I'd even be eternally grateful for just one car. I just think stock cars would be an awesome project for anyone who'd be willing to take it on. But if not, I'd still love to hear your guys and gals opinion on such mod or update!

    Regards, Skysder

    (P.S. I know SkylineGTRFreak has made a Ford Fusion SC for GTAV which is the exact mod that gave me the idea for this a while back, S/o to him!)

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