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GTA shuts down before it loads help

  • I just got my game to update and installed the latest version of rage plugin hook (45.1) and right before it loads it will just stop loading and the screen just goes away then asks me to retry or safe mode it doesnt even issue a crash report it just shuts off. Please help

  • @sirkingnut
    Yeah, normally that happens when your computer can't handle the voltage. It means your computer, in other words, is unstable.
    Another plausible reason would be that your computer isn't getting enough power from the power supply.

    • Any chance your computer is a custom build?

    • Has it been overclocked?

    • What are your system specifications?

    I'll try and help you on this as I know it sucks (It in fact can be scary) when things like this happen! ;)

  • Well I just got this new computer and this computer is for gaming so its a gaming PC so it shouldn't be unstable its got an i7 prosecer to

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